5th Beta Game Launcher: “Dear, Ella”

3 min readOct 28, 2022

We are so excited to announce the Beta Game Launcher of our first mobile RPG on XPLA, a Mainnet developed by the C2X team. Introducing “Dear Ella”, where you can explore, recruit heroes, and even collect, build and strengthen your gears.

“Dear Ella” takes place in “The Esperansa Kingdom”, where players can rebuild and reclaim the kingdom from her uncle Zenon. The gameplay progresses in Adventure mode (Normal/Elite) and battles. If you wish to challenge your skills, there’s Arena (PVP mode) where you can earn Battle Rewards as well as Rank Rewards.

Dear, Ella has a dual-token structure, On-chain and In-game, using ELX as a utility token On-chain, whereas game tokens “Ruby” and “Crystal” works In-game.

Crystal is a rare in-game item that is exchangeable for XPLA immediately. Crystals can be acquired by obtaining Rank Rewards from competitive modes (eg. Arena) and can be used to purchase rare items such as Grade Hero Select Tickets.

Ruby is obtained from “Adventure (Elite)”, “Daily Quests”, “Mini Game”, and “Land of Illusions”. Unlike Crystals, Ruby can be used in Premium Shop in Region Shop; to buy your gear and enhance materials in Hero and Gear Upgrade.

ELX is an On-chain token that can be swapped for XPLA and acts as a gateway token for Ruby if anyone wishes to exchange tokens outside of the game.

Apart from the tokenomics aspect, the game will also support In-app purchases to provide a variety of choices of purchasable items for users.

Another amazing feature about Dear, Ella is that you can craft the heroes you’ve raised in the game as NFTs.

Heroes higher than a certain rank can be minted with a minting fee and you can trade the minted NFTs with other players in the marketplace. The Hero NFTs you’ve purchased can be also used in battles and parties just like other normal heroes in-game.

(※ NFT Heroes cannot be disassembled/enhanced or reset and cannot be used as materials for Enhance/Rank Up)

You can use tokens and heroes of a certain rank to create NFTs, and the following details will be added when minting.

  • Hero’s Basic Stats
  • Rank & Level
  • Experience
  • Enhance Level
  • Enchanted status

and more conditions may be required

After you raise your (NFTver.) Hero in-game, it must go through the process of “re-minting” in order to have its growth reflected in the NFT itself.

“Dear Ella” is a game that you must play if you’re a lover of collective RPG games. With attractive features of battles, recruiting heroes, upgrading your gears, and even your own NFT characters, will make you get into the game. Test out the game in advance by getting yourself a Game Fan Card and help them to launch on the C2X Platform!

If you’re interested, Beta Game Launcher starts on November 2 at 03:00 (UTC)

The content above may be revised later.

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