Announcement of the winners of the C2X X Dear, Ella Collaboration Event

3 min readNov 30, 2022


C2X is here to provide the information the Explorers have been waiting for.

We’ll walk you through how to claim the C2X X Dear, Ella Collaboration Event rewards in this post. Thank you for all the participation and interest, and here’s a guide for the winners on how to get a prize.

The wallet address you provided when you submitted the event will be added to a whitelist if you win.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Claim functions for airdrop event winners are now available!

*Even if you are chosen as a winner, you won’t be able to receive your rewards if you don’t claim them within a Claim Period.

The image above serves as an example only; the actual page may differ.

[How to receive your rewards]

  1. Connect your wallet on Airdrop page
  • caution! Be cautious not to connect your wallets to sites other than those we have informed you about via our official channels.

2. The Claim button will be active if you won the event. Click the Claim button to get your rewards.

Here’s more great news! C2X will provide fee support to help the winners of the airdrop event.

The fee support will be provided to help the winners of the airdrop event who are unable to claim due to not having enough $XPLA in their wallets to settle the required fees.

Please be aware that in order to ensure a smooth process, the fees necessary to claim the airdrop will be paid to the winners’ individual wallets by December 1st.

C2X wants you to enjoy your time exploring with us and feel free to use our fee-based support.

[Q&A regarding the event winners]

Q. How can I know if I’ve won?

A. Connect your wallet on the Claim Page to check.

Q. Can I find out why I lost?

A. We chose winners from among those who took part in the event fairly on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q. Which users are not eligible for the winners?

A. We invalidated based on the following criteria in order to choose the winners in a fair manner

- If Gleam deemed the participant’s mission performance “invalid”

- Users who participated in the event unfairly

- Users with multiple accounts

- Users who used a Bot to take part in the event

- Users who entered the incorrect wallet address

- Users who didn’t finish the missions

- Users who failed to submit on a first-come, first-served basis

- Users from countries where it is prohibited

Once again, thank you to all the Explorers who took part in this event.

Even if you are not chosen as a winner, please stay tuned for updates, as we will be holding various events in the future.




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