C2X GameToken & NFT Migration FAQs

2 min readDec 15, 2022

Good day Explorers,

C2X is here to answer some of the questions that were asked about the C2X Platform’s GameToken and NFT migration.

[C2X GameToken & NFT Migration FAQ]

Q1. What will be the conversion ratio for the migration?
All GameTokens and other digital assets will be migrated to XPLA in a 1:1 ratio.

Q2. Will my Fan Cards become NFT?
Fan Cards will be migrated to XPLA as it is. However, they will soon be switched to NFT, and we will notify you via a separate announcement before this happens.

Q3. Is a transaction fee required for user migration?
Yes, the migration requires ‘USTC’. For a smooth migration, please get the required USTC from the fee support website.
(Please note that the fee support will end on March 14th, 2023.)

Q4. Where can I see my assets after migration?
All assets can be seen on the wallet, C2X Vault(Not C2X Station), that you migrated your digital assets to(Game Tokens & Fan Card & NFTs).
- If you haven’t downloaded C2X Vault yet, you can download it from App Store, Google Play Store, and Chrome Web Store.

Q5. What should I do if I receive error messages while migrating the NFT?
You should try again after updating the wallet app to the latest version if you get error messages during the NFT migration.

After the migration of GameTokens and NFTs is over, the C2X Platform is ready to move on to XPLA Chain. It is time for you to explore this special journey on XPLA!

Thank you.

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