C2X Platform Mainnet Migration Announcement

3 min readJun 14, 2022

Dear C2X Explorers,

Since the last announcement on our plan to migrate to a different Mainnet, our team has carefully examined all possibilities available for us and today we are pleased to share the final outcome with you.

Originally, our aim was to become a blockchain gaming platform easy and accessible for users from all over the world. Terra was a highly renowned blockchain at the time and ranked in the top 10 in market capitalization in all cryptocurrency, and was well-received by the public for its technology and stable operation of the ecosystem. Terra was capable of providing a lot of technical assistance to help us to build the C2X ecosystem from the beginning and we determined it as the best possible partner at the time.

Recently, we made the judgment that Terra is no longer able to provide a stable and reliable service so we have decided to migrate to a different Mainnet.

Ultimately we want to provide users with a fast and reliable service with minimum external risks. Our team of experts has reviewed the technology internally and after carefully examining a number of potential platforms for the optimization of the C2X ecosystem, we knew the most effective way is to build our own Mainnet.

Building our own Mainnet means shaping an environment where C2X participants themselves will be in full control of any circumstances within the ecosystem. Furthermore, if C2X previously has strived to be an open platform as a blockchain gaming platform by leveraging its sophisticated decentralized programs such as Beta Game Launcher, C2X will further broaden its spectrum to become a blockchain contents platform to preserve and protect a variety of digital media contents.

C2X will represent not only games, but all media contents such as movies, music, and art, and in particular, Com2Verse, a metaverse developed by Com2uS Group, which will play a key role in the ecosystem and become a core source of content. C2X will develop into a blockchain digital media platform in leading the culture based on the spirit of Web3.

The now governance token C2X will be upgraded to a native coin. C2X will be a base currency for all activities taking place in the ecosystem including “Com2Verse” and “NFT Marketplace”. This will make C2X truly a predominant currency that spans the entire Mainnet ecosystem.

C2X’s Mainnet will allow all C2X holders to validate the blocks on the basis of the PoS algorithm based on Tendermint technology and our team will utilize the COSMOS SDK to appropriately perform upgrades to suit the needs of the new C2X ecosystem.

Tendermint has long been used as the foundation technology for many blockchain Mainnets, and has been recognized for its superb stability, as well as its excellent flexibility, scalability and its interchain properties. On that account, numerous services will be able to smoothly join the new C2X ecosystem by using C2X SDK, and secure high scalability and as well as interoperability with other individual blockchains.

To facilitate the process and demonstrate high responsiveness to a variety of situations, C2X will team up with new partners in technology and will be joined by some key developers from the Com2uS group.

The core construction of the Mainnet will be completed by the end of July 2022 and all relevant assets and contracts will be migrated over by the end of August 2022. We will continuously strive to successfully operate the Mainnet in the long run.

Please look forward to the new Web3 era of digital media content that C2X will present to the world and become a central provider as a blockchain digital media platform, and your support throughout this journey is immensely appreciated.

Thank you
Team C2X




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