C2X Rebranding as XPLA GAMES

4 min readMar 16, 2023

C2X here! We’re about to tell you guys about the most important and exciting news on C2X gaming platform.


  • C2X is now rebranded as XPLA GAMES
  • This renewal was made to leap forward as a gaming platform where all kinds of Web3 gaming could be onboard.
  • From this Renewal, XPLA GAMES will build a platform specializing in Web3 gaming and integrate our platform into XPLA Universe.

This post will tell you all about the backgrounds of rebranding and what we pursue in the integration of XPLA Universe.

C2X, The advent of a brand new Blockchain Gaming Platform

Team C2X found out that high-quality blockchain games are always in demand, but many game developers encountered challenges with unfamiliar blockchain technology. C2X was founded by a team of game developers who recognized a value they could create for everyone.

To make this vision come true, C2X was built as an ‘open platform’ that game providers can easily adopt without having difficulties applying blockchain technology to their games.

Starting with Chromatic Souls: AFT Raid, C2X launched 5 more games. These games came out through C2X’s unique decentralized launching system, Beta Game Launcher, which allows users to participate directly in the game launch.

The new start of C2X

The C2X gaming platform was initially onboarded on Terra, but it later moved to the XPLA mainnet, a mainnet that understands games and entertainment the best.

C2X decided to have time to change our entire brand’s aesthetic so that it would be compatible with XPLA to build the platform with this significant change to the mainnet. Users could also have the advantage of identifying the platform by its intuitive name.

Introducing XPLA GAMES

To include the connection with the XPLA ecosystem and to make the keyword of our platform specific to ‘gaming,’ we named our brand ‘XPLA GAMES.’ The new name, ‘XPLA GAMES,’ shows our powerful vision to become an intensive gaming DApp in XPLA ecosystem.

C2X Platform will make the path of an ‘open platform’ with our new brand name, ‘XPLA GAMES.’ As a main partner DApp on XPLA, we will be part of the XPLA Universe and contribute to their ecosystem.

We created the XPLA GAMES website to be both developer- and user-friendly by highlighting the technical powers of XPLA GAMES and including images and videos of the games that have already been onboarded and those that will soon be released.

We also offer game-related services, such as Beta Game Launcher and airdrop service, where you can enjoy XPLA GAMES. XPLA GAMES will be an all-in-one gaming platform where you can enjoy a convenient and user-friendly Web3.0 game experience.

Integration of XPLA Universe

XPLA, a universal content powerhouse, is a mainnet where you can explore a sublime creative experience. They are a tendermint-based layer1 blockchain, building an XPLASIVE experience over drama, film, fashion, art, design, and more. With its gaming and entertainment knowledge, XPLA was the ideal partner for XPLA GAMES to choose.

Along with XPLA GAMES, XPLA Universe will incorporate more DApps regarding gaming content. One is C2X NFT, which will also change its name to X-PLANET. The extensive NFT marketplace X-PLANET features a variety of collections, including gaming, entertainment, and art, among others. They attempt to integrate NFT into a variety of lifestyles in addition to just focusing on art or gaming NFTs! They have user-friendly, entertainment-focused NFTs that align with XPLA’s core idea.

Check out their Twitter and Marketplace for more information.

XPLA GAMES Brand Vision

Rebranding native DApps to incorporate the XPLA universe will help to clarify and improve the vision through the XPLA EXPEDITION. XPLA GAMES will also restart with this new name to make an open platform where anyone can be part of everything! By using the name XPLA, we commit that we will build a space where exploratory and entertaining games to be released, along with a model of tokenomics that sets the bar high. For Adventurers, we will reveal our games that will be launched this year with their tokenomics, and the specific examples of the economic system sequentially, so stay tuned with XPLA GAMES.

Today is a big day and will be a huge milestone for XPLA GAMES. Hope Adventurers had a thrilling journey through this EXPEDITION and will support and show interest in XPLA GAMES’ new beginning. Additionally, a collaboration event held by Event Labs will arrive at XPLA that Adventurers may enjoy. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Game on!

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