C2X Station Convert / Mint Migration FAQs

2 min readDec 6, 2022
C2X Station Convert / Mint Migration FAQs

Dear, Explorers.

C2X is here to inform you about the Convert Pool and mint services, which are currently disabled due to C2X Game Migration.

[FAQs on Convert Pool / Mint services Migration]

Q1) How can I convert my GameTokens, such as LCT and CST?

A1) You can Swap to $CTXT using the C2X Vault. Now that you have switched to $CTXT, you can switch to $XPLA.

Q2) How can I use my NFT on the C2X Station?

A2) After migrating to the XPLA Chain using the Self Migration Page on December 14, you can use it as usual.

Q3) Where can I trade NFTs from now on?

A3) You can trade with XPLA on https://xpla.c2xnft.com/ . You should cancel the NFTs you have registered to sell and re-register them to sell on the new page.

Q4) Why are Convert and Mint being closed?

A4) This is for the preparation of the C2X Platform’s migration to the XPLA Chain. All the games launched on the C2X Platform will be transferred to XPLA through this process.

Q5) When and where can I convert my GameToken for CTX?

A5) You can convert your tokens on December 14th through the C2X Vault.

Please download the C2X Vault in advance for your convenience.

Q6) What’s the following step for the Game Migration?

A6) On December 14th, the GameToken migration will take place, and C2X will then be prepared to arrive at XPLA.

Q7) Is there anything else I need to know?

A7) It’ll be great if you migrate your $CTX to $XPLA after the C2X Game Migration. You can use our official user migration page. https://migration.c2x.world/

Additional updates about the migration will be announced through our official communities.

To learn about the convert/mint services on C2X Vault first, stay tuned with us.

Thank you.

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