Details on Terminating C2X — UST LP Staking Program

2 min readJun 3, 2022

Dear C2X Explorers,

As you all may already know, we’ve recently announced that we have decided to move to another mainnet to provide a safer and more stable gaming environment for our users.

Following the decision to migrate to another mainnet, the C2X — UST LP Token Staking Program is going to be terminated earlier than expected and the details of what is going to happen are as follows,


  • Termination Date: June 7th, 2022, 13:00 (UTC)
  • Return Policy: Tokens deposited in a pair of $CTX & $UST in the Swap Pool will all be returned in $CTX at the time of staking LP tokens.
  • Distribution Policy: The $CTX and the reward will be distributed evenly every day for four weeks starting from the termination date and needs to be claimed manually from the LP Staking Program webpage.

You can check how many tokens you will receive on the following webpage at a particular time and you can claim them anytime you like throughout the four weeks starting from the termination date. In simple words, you can claim the full amount after four weeks.

Token Return Webpage:

From the webpage, go to the “Stake” tab and click on “Withdraw” to get your $CTX back plus the reward. Don’t forget to connect your wallet to the webpage first and finalize the process on your C2X Station using your password at the end.

Unfortunately, we had to end the $CTX — $UST LP Token Staking Program before the due time, but we are planning another staking program similar to this soon so keep your eyes peeled!




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