[Game Launcher] Ace Fishing: Crew Sets Sail on the Game Launcher!

5 min readJun 28, 2023
[Game Launcher] Ace Fishing: Crew

Attention, fellow Explorers!
We’re thrilled to be here today, ready to embark on our exciting new Game Launcher adventure!

What is the Game Launcher?

After the rebranding of XPLA GAMES on the C2X gaming platform, we have been working on several important improvements. We are excited to bring you some joyful news related to the newly launched “Game Launcher” and the new Web3 game on XPLA, ‘Ace Fishing: Crew’!

XPLA GAMES rebranded as “Game Launcher” for an enhanced Web3 gaming experience. It enables full engagement of various Web3 games in the XPLA ecosystem. Formerly known as “Beta Game Launcher,” it now offers a more intuitive onboarding experience, removing the limitations of the testing-focused term “Beta.” The platform will showcase diverse games in the future.

1. Ace Fishing: Crew Arrives on the Game Launcher!

Ace Fishing: Crew is an immersive 3D underwater game based on the popular Ace Fishing IP, which has over 70 million global downloads. Dive into a captivating world, become a skilled angler, and collect a diverse range of fish species. Assemble a dynamic party of game characters with unique skills, upgrade equipment, and boats, and experience the thrill of the catch.

Are you curious about the tokenomics of the game? There is more information available about Ace Fishing: Crew from the post below.

2. Find all the details about the Game Launcher!

The Game Launcher is a unique stage prior to the launch of any game on XPLA GAMES. Show your support for our game by purchasing the Ace Fishing: Crew Fan Card, which grants holders exclusive game benefits.

Ace Fishing: Crew Game Launcher Details


  • Game Launcher Period: 29th June 03:00 ~ 5th July 03:00 (UTC)
    *Fan Cards can be purchased during the Game Launcher period.
  • Fan Card claim: 5th July 03:00 (UTC) ~
    *Immediately after the game launcher ends.

[How to Participate in the Game Launcher]

  • Here’s a guide for participating in the Game Launcher!
    => XPLA GAMES — Game Launcher User Guide
  • Q1) Where can I purchase a Fan Card?
    => https://gamelauncher.xpla.games/
  • Q2) What do I need to purchase Fan Cards?
    => You can purchase Fan Cards with $XPLA.
    => 1 Fan Card = 1 $XPLA.
    => The minimum purchase quantity for Fan Cards is 10.
    => A certain amount of $XPLA will be used as a transaction fee.

[Benefits of participating in the Game Launcher🎉]

Purchase Fan Cards to receive exclusive in-game items for Ace Fishing: Crew. The number of Fan Cards you own determines the benefits you’ll enjoy, providing unique advantages during your thrilling sea voyage.

Ace Fishing: Crew Fan Card Benefits
  • 🎁10 Fan Cards
    50 Investigation Fuel + 500 Diamonds
  • 🎁20 Fan Cards
    50 Investigation Fuel + 500 Diamonds + 5 Equipment Draw Ticket
  • 🎁40 Fan Cards
    50 Investigation Fuel + 500 Diamonds + 10 Equipment Draw Ticket
  • 🎁50 Fan Cards
    50 Investigation Fuel + 500 Diamonds + 10 Equipment Draw Ticket + 10 Crew Member Draw Ticket

*Important! Investigation Fuel is an item that can be used in Investigation mode, where you can obtain ‘Shard,’ which is an in-game currency, to obtain Pamos Points by DRAS (Dynamic Reward Allocation System). Also, Pamos Point is the in-game currency that could be converted to an AFC Token.
* Fan Card benefits will be provided to linked game accounts after the launch, with distribution details to be announced later.
* The functionality of game items may vary depending on the situation. It will be informed through our community channels.


- Users who purchase Fan Cards must download the Ace Fishing: Crew game and create an account using their Hive ID. They need to connect their XPLA GAMES wallet with their Hive account.
- Fan Card benefits (game items) will be given to the game account linked to the wallet after the launch, and the distribution schedule will be announced separately in the future.
- Fan Cards will be provided in the form of NFT.
- The benefits provided when receiving Fan Cards are in-game items, not game tokens. Please note that AFC tokens will not be provided.
- During the Game Launcher period, you can withdraw or purchase additional Fan Cards. However, once the game launcher period is over, refunds or additional purchases are not possible. Fan Cards can only be purchased/withdrawn during the game launcher period.
- Please note that the benefits may vary depending on the development and game situation.
- The Game launcher of XPLA GAMES may not be available in particular countries due to local regulations. [Including China(PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea]

3. Another important news: XPLA will purchase 100,000 Fan Cards during the game launcher period and distribute the benefits to gamers.

To commemorate the release of the game and being the first sports fishing game in the XPLA ecosystem, the ACE Fishing Crew team has prepared a gratitude event — Fan Card Event. Special thanks to XPLA and Ace Fishing: Crew team for supporting our ecosystem and the gamer.

- XPLA aims to be a specialized hub for games and entertainment, creating a thriving ecosystem. XPLA provides active support to projects joining their ecosystem, fostering growth and success.

- To celebrate the launch of Ace Fishing: Crew, XPLA will purchase 100,000 Fan Cards during the Game Launcher period.

- Ace Fishing: Crew team will reward crew members who reach the Investigation stage with 50 Investigation Fuels, which is an item that can be used to obtain Pamos Points, which can be converted into AFC Tokens.
- When the Investigation content opens, it will be automatically distributed via an in-game mailbox, and it will be provided for one month after the launch.

For more detailed information, please refer to the XPLA and Ace Fishing: Crew communities.
More information: XPLA article link

Don’t miss out on the Game Launcher’s features and exclusive offerings. Stay connected and immerse yourself in a world of gaming excitement. Join the Game Launcher and experience the next level of gaming!

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