Guide for C2X Game Migration

3 min readDec 12, 2022

Dear, Explorers.

C2X, the Blockchain Gaming Platform, is here to inform you about the Token and NFT migration.

We’ll walk you through the date and process of transferring game tokens and NFTs to the XPLA Chain.

— Date of the Game Migration
— Game Migration guide

2022 Dec 14th 06:00(UTC) ~ 2023 Mar 14th
* Please note that the date for migration may be subject to change.
* The guide images are just examples; your CTX Tokens, Game Tokens, Fan Card Tokens, and NFTs will be displayed on the actual page.
* Migrate your GameTokens and assets from

📣To welcome new Explorers, XPLA will extend the date of the transaction fee support event until March 14. If you do not have USTC, you can get it from Here where XPLA is giving it away for free as a support measure.

<Migration guide>

  1. You must first agree to the following disclaimer by checking the box and clicking “Agree” before you proceed with the migration. Please keep in mind that, in no event, C2X is not liable for any loss that occurred during the migration period, so it’s very important that you follow all of the given instructions to safely complete the migration procedure.

2. After accepting the disclaimer and connecting your C2X Station, the following screen will show up. Verify that the address displayed under “Terra Classic” is accurate, and add your XPLA Vault’s address under "XPLA."

3. To move on to the following step, click “Next” after verifying that both blanks have been filled with the correct addresses.

4. You can select the migration type you want to use and migrate everything at once by selecting “Migrate All." Please select “Migrate by your choice” if you wish to migrate one at a time.

5–1. If you click “Migrate All,” all of your GameTokens and NFTs will be displayed for you to see. By selecting “Migrate,” you can transfer all of your assets at once to XPLA Chain.

5–2. If you wish to migrate one at a time, the following screen will appear, and you can input the number of tokens and NFTs to migrate first. By selecting “max,” you can still migrate everything at once if you change your mind.

6. Please double-check the number and the GameTokens or NFTs you selected for migration after clicking “Next.” If they are correct, click “Migrate” and enter the correct password on your C2X Station to confirm the transaction and finish the migration process.

7. After clicking “Migrate” at the very end of the process, please check the C2X Station Wallet to verify the transaction to complete the migration process.

The C2X Gaming Platform is about to reach the final process of the migration. Make sure you migrate all your tokens and assets within the period.

Please follow the guidelines above to safely migrate your assets to the XPLA Chain!

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