How to be Eligible for Ace Fishing: Crew Fan Card Benefits

3 min readJul 20, 2023

Hello, Anglers!

We would like to inform those who purchase the Ace Fishing: Crew Fan Card about the distribution schedule and conditions of the fan card benefits.

1. Fan Card Benefit Distribution Schedule (1st round)

- From July 24th, 2 am PDT

* Rewards will be sent sequentially, and it may take some time depending on the volume.

2. Fan Card Benefits & Conditions

- Benefits will be sent to the accounts that have completed the XPLA Games Wallet and game account linkage with the Hive account.

- You can find more about the rewards distribution at the official Ace Fishing: Crew forum below.


* Benefits will be given to those who have purchased the Fan Card and completed the linkage between the wallet account and the game account by July 23rd, 7:59 am PDT.

* Rewards will be based on the wallet linkage data, so if the wallet account is not linked to the game, the rewards will not be given.

* The distribution schedule for the 2nd round will be announced separately, and if you have already received the rewards in the 1st round, they will not be duplicated.

* If you have completed the wallet linkage before the specified time but have not received the rewards, please contact our Customer Support in the game.

* Items that are not collected within the collection period in the Inbox cannot be reissued. Please make sure to collect them within the designated period.

3. How to link your Hive account

Step1. You first need to sync your AFC game account with your Hive account as shown in the image above!

Step2. And on the XPLA GAMES wallet, tap on the Convert menu, and select AFC. Then you will see a pop-up telling you to sync with your Hive account!

*If you have synced your Hive account with both your game account & XPLA GAMES wallet, you’re all set!

📝Check out the XPLA GAMES walllet guide for more!

#1. Create & Transfer

#2. Swap & Convert

#3. Mint & NFT

#4. Game Launcher

4. Fan Card Event

The Ace Fishing: Crew team has prepared a gratitude event to celebrate the release of the game. They will reward crew members who reach the Investigation stage with 50 Investigation Fuels. These fuels are items that can be used in Investigation mode, where you can obtain ‘Shard,’ which is an in-game currency, to obtain Pamos Points by DRAS (Dynamic Reward Allocation System). The more Shards you collect, the more Pamos Points you have. Also, Pamos Point is the in-game currency that could be converted to an AFC Token. The fuel will be automatically distributed via an in-game mailbox when Investigation Mode opens, and this event will be available for one month after the launch.

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