How to sync a game with C2X Station?

2 min readJun 7, 2022


Converting between a variety of game tokens and $CTX first requires syncing a game with the latest version of C2X Station.

Experience what it’s like to play different games with C2X Station!

1. Create a HIVE ID
Don’t have an account? You can easily create one in the game.

2. Run “C2X Station” > Go to “Convert” > Select a game from “Game List” > Complete SMS Authentication > Sign in with your respective game’s HIVE account.

* Warning! You can only sync one HIVE ID to each game on C2X Station and this sync will be permanent. In other words, the HIVE ID will be locked to an account permanently once synced and you will not be able to unlink or switch to a different account afterward.

** Make sure you have the latest version (1.1.0 or above) of C2X Station from Google Play or App Store if you have trouble syncing or finding the tab ‘Convert’.

*** ‘Convert’ feature is not available for Chrome Extension version

**** Restricted Countries: China (PRC), Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. More countries may be added in the future depending on the circumstances.

3. Convert between your hard-earned in-game items to game tokens or $CTX! You can even swap $CTX for different game tokens and vice versa.

On that note, please don’t forget to keep your different game tokens in your pocket when you have some because we are going to have “LP Token Staking Program” every time a game launches on our platform.




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