Introducing C2X Station: Digital Asset Wallet for Everyone

3 min readMar 24, 2022

Hello C2X explorers,

Today we have another exciting news to share — C2X Station is finally launched!

C2X Station is a digital asset wallet where you can securely hold the C2X token, which will serve as the hub of the C2X Platform. With C2X Station, you can enjoy high-quality games and manage digital assets more efficiently.


☑️ Wallet
Store and Manage Blockchain Assets.
Wallet feature allows you to store and retrieve your blockchain assets. What’s more, C2X Station’s top-notch security features allow you to manage your assets with confidence. Experience an all-in-one system where you can freely send, store and manage your digital property.

☑️ Convert (upcoming feature)
Convert Between Tokens and In-Game Items. You can easily convert C2X into in-game items linked with C2X of various blockchain games built on C2X. And game tokens can be converted into in-game items linked with GameToken. Convert your tokens to access as many different games as possible on the platform!

☑️ Game (upcoming feature)
Connect to Fun, High-quality Games. Enjoy globally serviced games with C2X Station. Discover sustainable and high-quality games unlike any other existing blockchain games. Game explorer will also be introduced to create a more groundbreaking gaming experience.

☑️ Mint (upcoming feature)
Craft and Use Your Own NFTs. Manage your NFT assets easily through the wallet. You can mint, store, and connect your own NFTs to other services. NFT gears can be used across the games on the platform, and you will be connected to the entire C2X world.

More Features on the Way!
Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come in C2X Station. Many updates including voting and rewards for C2X participants are planned. Swap capabilities that allow users to swap between C2X and game tokens will also be available through a later update. Please look forward to future features which will support better transaction and wider utilization of blockchain contents!

Meet your C2X Station

C2X Station is available to download through Google Play, Google Chrome Extension, and Apple App Store. Download now and experience the fun!

Last but not least, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to our supportive community for always being us. Please stay tuned for more exciting news to come. We will see you then!

Thank you.

About C2X
C2X was developed with the purpose of establishing a standard for the blockchain game industry that will continuously advance in the future. Developed by MetaMagnet with Terraform Labs, and Hashed as advisors and Com2uS Group as game providers, C2X platform is built on the Terra blockchain and provides an end-to-end solution for blockchain games including token economics, NFT marketplaces and Wallet. The platform’s highly scalable design allows users to easily manage all digital assets that are linked to the platform, and its governance token publicizes all service decisions and operations of the games built on the ecosystem. It is an ecosystem of virtuous cycles where all users and creators are privileged on the basis of a high standard of stability, fairness and transparency, and thus intended to present a sound direction for current blockchain gaming platforms.

For further information on C2X, please refer to the Whitepaper on our official webpage. And join in on the conversations at our community channel.

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