MeetUp with Summoners War: Chronicles!

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Meetup with Summoners War: Chronicles!

C2X is pleased to introduce our new game, ‘Summoners War: Chronicles’🎉

‘Summoners War: Chronicles’ is a global title based on the Web2 mega-hit game. Summoners War: Sky Arena’ IP, which has achieved 180 million downloads worldwide.

In Summoners War: Chronicles, players will take control of a Summoner of their choice and run through powerful dungeons with a team of monsters that they summon and raise to great strength.

C2X team created a brief meetup with the Summoners War: Chronicles team! 😉

In this meetup, the Chronicles team explained how the blockchain system is going to work in Summoners War: Chronicles gameplay.

Meetup with the Blockchain Team in Summoners War: Chronicles.

🔍Q1. How do you feel about Chronicles onboarding on C2X, the blockchain gaming platform?

A. Our hearts are overflowing! The Summoners War: Chronicles Blockchain team is aiming to create an environment where all users could share the Web 3.0 value and enjoy the ‘Play to Own(P2O)’ experience through Chronicles.

🔍Q2. How will Summoners War: Chronicles look in July?

A. Based on Chronicles’ unique gameplay characteristics, the in-house game developers and blockchain developers aimed to create a special blockchain structure that allows our players to secure their ownership of the values they’ve earned through the gameplay. We aim to create a stable P2O model through secured tokenomics within XPLA, Layer-1 Blockchain. We are devoted to providing a pleasant P2O experience for all!

🔍Q3. How will the blockchain system be integrated into the gameplay of Summoners War: Chronicles?

A. Our in-house game design and development center around keeping and building the original playful gaming aspects of Summoners War: Chronicles. Same as the Blockchain team, we are focusing on creating a whole new Web 3.0 experience without affecting the fun part of the original gameplay.

Integrating blockchain technology will provide more opportunities for us to expand Summoners War content and experience for global gamers. Gamers in Chronicles will be able to continue their legendary RPG journey while acquiring unique ownership of valuable items and meaningful memories.

🔍Q4. How is the team planning to integrate the blockchain system while keeping the original value of the gameplay?

A. The most important key that we value is to welcome everyone to the game itself. Starting from a cryptocurrency wallet, we made it optional for anyone. In other blockchain games, a cryptocurrency wallet may be required.

Anyone without a cryptocurrency wallet will not have any problem playing the game; The gameplay will not be affected at all.

🔍Q5. Could you explain a little more about how the in-house team is planning to secure the gameplay value?

A. We are developing in many ways, but to introduce one way that we are working on, both game and blockchain in-house developers are currently designing a system to defend bots as much as possible as a part of the game system. Furthermore, key tradable items can be found more on raids, making it almost impossible for bots to operate. Our goal is to provide a secure game-playing experience for our gamers.

🔍Q6. Since XPLA and game tokens will be implemented, will there be a plan to implement NFT in the future?

A. NFT will not be implemented in Summoners War: Chronicles.

🔍Q7. Fantastic! Thanks for your time and participation. It was a pleasure having Summoners War: Chronicles Blockchain Team!

A. Thanks for hosting this meetup. Get ready for a new journey with Summoners War: Chronicles! We’ll keep you posted again soon!

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*There were a few adjustments to the information provided earlier due to recent developments.

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