Say Hello, New Name, New Logo

3 min readMar 31, 2023


XPLA GAMES, Rebranding Week Completed

Good day Explorers! This is XPLA GAMES.

Our overall look is being revised following the launch of a new logo on March 16th.

We have transformed from C2X Gaming Platform to XPLA GAMES in order to become an all-in-one gaming platform within the XPLA ecosystem.

We are excited to showcase our new look and new story.


- We changed our name, logo, and overall visuals.

- Please update your C2X Vault for more features coming ahead.


XPLA GAMES is the Blockchain gaming platform striving to create the ultimate Web3 gaming experience on XPLA. In order to provide innovative gaming experiences for Web3 gamers, there have been three innovative changes.

🧐Read our article on the rebranding:
╰┈➤ <C2X Rebranding as XPLA GAMES>

Through our Rebranding Week, we have created several important changes.

Below is a list of what has changed, what has evolved:

1. C2X Vault 👉 XPLA GAMES

The C2X Vault wallet has been changed to XPLA GAMES. XPLA GAMES is a new wallet that has undergone some changes. With this wallet, you can not only manage and transfer tokens and coins, but also manage NFTs, convert game assets to tokens, and more.

XPLA GAMES will continuously offer our users a range of exciting features and benefits that are designed to enhance the overall gaming experience within the XPLA ecosystem; XPLA GAMES will be built as a playful home ground in Web 3.0 gaming space.

In order to use the new wallet with the updated brand name, users of the C2X Vault must update to the latest version. For those who wish to download the new wallet, please refer to the link below.

  • 📱Google play store: Link
  • 📱iPhone / IPad: Link
  • 🖥Chrome Extension: Link

2. Beta Game Launcher 👉 Game Launcher

One of XPLA GAMES’ important systems is the “Game Launcher,” which allows users to participate in the onboarding or launching of a game before it is officially released or onboarded to the XPLA ecosystem.

This system was previously called the “Beta Game Launcher,” but has been revised to “Game Launcher” to overcome the limitations associated with the testing-focused word “Beta,” and to provide users with an intuitive and concise onboarding experience. Going forward, various games will be showcased through this system.

3. Changes in XPLA GAMES Services

The applications that were scattered in various places are now integrated and provided within the XPLA GAMES brand site.

Not only are there airdrops, but there are also descriptions of the characteristics of each game and systems planned for the Web3 gaming environment. Through this rebranding, systems such as XATP and Dynamic NFT from XPLA mainnet are expected to be implemented on XPLA GAMES as well.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals around XPLA GAMES aligning around the new direction: on the website, in advertising, and in some places in the product. The refresh will bring simplicity and clarity, with an increased emphasis on our identity; to be the best gaming platform on XPLA mainnet.

XPLA GAMES Brand Vision

As introduced from XPLA EXPEDITION, XPLA GAMES will improve the vision by time. XPLA GAMES will also continue our journey with fresh visuals and a name to move forward to be an open platform where anyone can be part of everything!

By using the name XPLA, we commit that we will build a space where exploratory and entertaining games can be released, along with a model of tokenomics that sets the bar high.

For Explorers, we will reveal our games that will be launched this year with their tokenomics, and the specific examples of the economic system sequentially, so stay tuned with XPLA GAMES.

As the main partner DApp on XPLA, we will be part of the XPLA Universe and contribute to their ecosystem.

We are really excited about the new future that awaits us and we hope that you will join us on this journey.

Thank you for reading our post!

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XPLA GAMES is a Playful Home Ground in Web3 Gaming Space. Blockchain gaming platform striving to create the ultimate Web3 gaming experience.