The new era of C2X is here, announcing the genesis block of XPLA!

1 min readAug 19, 2022


Dear C2X Explorers!

On 08/19/2022 at 09:30(UTC), the C2X platform just embarked on a migration journey from Terraclassic to XPLA starting with $C2X(CTX) token migration. This means that the migration will not be effective immediately and there will be a transition period where both $C2X(CTX) and $XPLA will run in parallel.

This migration process has no hard deadline and is open-ended at this moment, meaning there is no rush to convert $C2X(CTX) to the $XPLA coins. However, we do recommend that you migrate your $C2X(CTX) tokens as soon as it becomes available to convert them to $XPLA coins since everything on the C2X platform will eventually run on the XPLA chain.

Token migration will be very simple, but you can’t migrate your $C2X(CTX) tokens just yet!

Separate announcement will be given with detailed timing and instructions on how to migrate your $C2X(CTX) tokens.

In the meantime, please buckle up, because this rocketship is about to take off!

Team C2X

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